Wrought iron door and grille

Location: 41.986608"lat 88.772936"lng - Burr Ridge, IL

A modern house nested in an idyllic environment owned by a young couple had an extraordinary lower level that comprised a comfortable recreational great room, exercise area and a expansive bar and party room which was open. The owners needed to secure the space so their young children had no access to the bar area.

The basic idea was to custom fit our metalwork to complement the house style.
Following back and forth designs and ideas the owners decided on hand forged iron scrolls for the window grille and the wrought iron door.

After on-site measurements, we started fabricating the ornamental iron work pieces.

The finish was to be rubbed bronze as per their request. Installation was flawless and in the words of the owner; Mr. Stephen K.: “This looks fantastic, better than I expected“. For this reason we are so proud of the unique metal works that we produce with extreme dedication and expertise accumulated over 40 years.

Thanks Mr Stephen for your trust, it was a pleasure to serve you.

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