Metal restoration

Location: 40.4800309"lat 88.992908"lng - Bloomington, IL

In 1929 an Art Deco building was erected to serve as main office of one of the biggest insurance companies in the country.

It’s main entrance had two revolving doors with molding frames all made of brass and a glass transom with brass details.

For almost 70 years this fantastic work was never maintained and so it was in very bad shape, oxidation corroded the lower part and dings and dents also covered the bottom half.

Badly in need of metal restoration, the architects contacted us to perform an assessment of the condition and to give our recommendations on its repair and the type of finish.

The revolving doors were fabricated anew by the original manufacturing company which is still in business.

We removed all frames outside and inside as well as the transom. Glass was replaced with a double pane configuration and solar bronze tint. A new brass grille with the same original pattern was installed on the outside. In the inside, a new transom brass grille with perforated design measuring 10′ x 30” was installed.

Frames were straightened, cleaned mechanically and all imperfections eliminated.

High gloss finish and lacquer as per the company director’s request was the final touch.

Installation lasted three days and compliments last forever.