Lake Mendota

Location: 43º06'46.58"lat 89º25'32.14"lng - Madison, WI

A French style house was constructed almost 60 years ago by a renowned local builder for himself. Two years ago, new owners, Harry and Mary, decided to embark on what will become a home from heaven. Their work paid off and their dreams came true.

A lakeside gorgeous residence for the young couple and their two teenage girls, where they can play violin with the peace and serenity that the beautiful surroundings inspire.

So, when the final stage of improving the interior and exterior work began, we at f2 Industries were very fortunate to be chosen to manufacture an interior hand forged staircase and a large self-standing wrought iron balcony with spiral stair access and to be part of the embellishment of such a jewel.

The basic architectural idea was to celebrate putting our metalwork in clear connection with the house style. We succeeded and what was a French looking house, now looks like a French castle.

Thank you, Harry and Mary, for letting us be a part of your life.